Sky Gazing

The Sky Gazing program commenced with the setting up of telescopes by the Head of Department, Dr. V. S. Raykar, who graciously guided participants through observations of various celestial wonders. Dr. Raykar, along with his esteemed colleagues Dr. Vivek Rane, Dr. Parshuram Abhange, and Kiran Gawade, shared their expertise and enthusiasm for astronomy, enriching the experience for students and attendees from the Roha community.

Throughout the event, participants were treated to mesmerizing views of the Moon, Jupiter, and numerous stars and planets, sparking awe and wonder among both students and the public. Dr. Raykar and his team engaged with participants, providing explanations and insights into the celestial objects under observation, as well as answering questions and fostering discussion on topics related to astronomy. Total 44 participants have benefited from this program.

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