About Trustee

Hon.Shri.Nandkumar G.Vedak
Managing Trustee
Shri.G.M.Vedak Pratishthan
G.M.Vedak College of Science, Tala,Raigad


SHRI GOPINATH MAHADEO VEDAK PRATISHTHAN was resigned in the year 2000 with one of its aim to contribute in the field of education and therefore started G.M.Vedak College of Science.The college is recognised by the government of Maharashtra and is Affiliated to the University of Mumbai

Hon.Shri.Unmesh N.Vedak
Shri.G.M.Vedak Pratishthan’s
G.M.Vedak College of Science,Tala,Raigad

We believe “VIDYADHANAM SARVADHANAM PRADHANAM”i.e.knowledge is the almost wealth.Tala being the native place,is a hilly region and still backword with very less opportunities for higher education.This encouraged us to start the college and today the College has created opportunity to the people in the region for higher education in the field of core science subjects such as Physics,Chemistry,Zoology as well as Computer Science and Information Technology.Here we have taken almost efforts as to provide good infrastructure,Well equipped laboratories,Computer,Library,Internet connectivity and highly quilified teaching staff

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