Establishment of the Department

The Department of Physics was established in 2009 and is the youngest among the all physics departments under Mumbai University. It is renowned in Raigad district for its high-quality education and professional development opportunities offered to its students. The Department of Physics, after nearly seven years of academic presence, has been established as the best of all similar departments in Raigad district. It is very active in research and the department also follows the new trends in education and the labor market, and it adapts the curriculum so that its graduates may respond successfully to the challenges they will face upon completion of their degrees.

Summary and directions of the curriculum

1st year Introductory stage: (2 semesters) At this stage the students follow introductory courses in Physics and Mathematics and become familiar with introductory physics labs, the use of computers 2nd year Fundamental stage: (2 semesters) It consists of basic courses such as electricity and magnetism, material science, electronics, relativity, quantum mechanics, mathematical physics etc. 3rd year Advanced stage: (2 semesters) This stage offers a deeper understanding of subjects such as Classical Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Statistical Physics, and Quantum Physics. Similarly, the experience of the students in advanced physics laboratories is broadened by visiting various research institutes.

Student Achievements

  1. Ms. Supriya Mithagree and Ms. Komal Pawar were selected for summer research internship at IISER Trivendrum, Kerala (2015-16).
  2. Ms. Roshni Pinjari and Ms. Saloni Chavan were selected for summer school at Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune (2015-16)
  3. Mr. Jitendra Bhosale and Ms. Supriya Ambre did summer project at TIFR Mumbai(2015-16)

Head of Department Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Laboratory Assistant Laboratory Attendent
Dr. Vijay Raykar Dr. Vivek Rane Dr. P. B. ABhange Mr. Amol Rajpurkar Mr. Vishal Kharade