The Department of Chemistry has been established in 2009. The department is in function of running under graduate (B.Sc.) Chemistry courses. The department is located in an independent and large building which houses two big practical laboratories. The areas of taught courses that comprise this department include Organic, Inorganic, Physical, Analytical & Heavy and fine chemistry. The Chemistry departments explore higher education opportunities to the students from hilly region and surrounding villages. There was Three year degree course available in our college for Advanced Studies in Chemistry. Since inception of the department, over 150 students have taken their Bachelor degree. It is indeed a pleasure to report that alumni of the Department are holding key positions in the Industry.

Salient Features

  • Laboratories: The department is well equipped with the necessary infrastructure and sophisticated instruments like spectrophotometers, Digital Potentiometer, Digital PH Meter, Digital Conductometer, Digital Muffle furnace, Ostwald Viscometer, Oven, Digital Heating Plate, and Vacuum Pump etc. The laboratories are maintained with proper ventilation and exhaust system. Along with all necessary requirement for safety purpose fire extinguishing system and personal protecting equipments are well maintained. The department has also acquired new technological devices such as Audio-Visual system like LCD Projector. Internet accesses are provided to the staff as well as students. A new computer lab with capacity of 10 computers is being fabricated.
  • Departmental Library: The departmental library has been fully prepared with all the necessary reference books required for subjects like organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, nuclear chemistry, organic synthesis, etc. This library is functioned with the help of students from graduate courses while the books in this library are generously donated by our past students and staff members of the department.
  • Internet Facility: The department provides own internet facility for students and teachers for browsing current knowledge of the subject.
  • Guest Lectures: Students have immensely benefited from interaction with experienced teachers, scholars and professionals whom the college invites to be the members of its guest and adjunct faculty or to be the occasional guest speakers. A small group of eminent professionals have kindly agreed to be associated with the college as the members of its adjunct faculty who will deliver lectures to the students throughout the year.


Since 2013 near about 36 research paper published in reported various international journals by Dr.Sachin Bangale. In academic year 2015 Second Prize for Oral Presentation in National Seminar.

During last three year, the department was academically engaged in various activities poster making, blood donation etc. Every year, the DLLE of Mumbai University organizes an evaluation process through arranging an Annual Extension Work Festival “UDAAN”- the flight of the extension. Main theme of the festival is REACH TO UNREACHED, by giving benefit to those who are unable to take higher education. Our college students actively participated in the UDAAN festival.

Department Activity 2019-20

  • CONTECH TEST 2019-20
  • Best Practices
  • Student Satisfactory Survey - Quetionaries
  • Dr. Narayan Degwekar Mr. Jaydeep Deore Dr. Sachin Bangale Mr. Harshad Sonawane
    Head of Department Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor
    Mr. Amol Nikam Mr. Amol Rajpurkar Mr. Harshad Vedak Mr. Suresh Chavan
    Assistant Professor Laboratory Assistant Laboratory Attendent Laboratory Attendent